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Genamarie Rosado

"...a love letter to my community."

Genamarie, a fearless Puerto Rican-American globetrotter, boldly maneuvers the post-pandemic world, just like the rest of us. Navigating the challenges of the Covid era, Genamarie was introduced to this gem of a business idea that would feed her passions. In 2021, she ignited the spark that became Picturesque Luxury Picnics, which at the time was the FIRST and ONLY luxury picnic business in Northeast Pennsylvania.


Hailing from the heart of the Poconos, she felt a calling to grace her community with the opulence of luxury picnics – a gesture she fondly describes as "a love letter to my community." Fast forward a few years, and PLP has evolved into offering not only luxury picnics but an array of services ranging from Table Styling and Event Styling to Romantic Room Styling (see 'services'). Genamarie's venture has left an undeniable mark on the luxury experiences and events industry.


Come 2024, Genamarie is now a six-figure, award-winning business woman. When you lock in your confirmation call, you will enjoy a direct chat with the owner herself. Whether it's designing a seamless event or curating a picture perfect picnic, she's not just a business owner – she's your personal guide to elevated experiences.

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Emily R. | engagement picnic

Luxury Picnics really is LUXURIOUS!!!! My boyfriend surprised me and proposed to me with the most gorgeous set up all thanks to luxury picnics. She had contacts for the food, the balloons, the photographer, and the live music. I couldn’t have asked for a better and more special day. She was also as nice as could be!!! So genuine and sweet, it was awesome! I would 1 million percent recommend this for any special occasion!

"Genamarie did such an amazing job putting together our Picturesque Luxury Picnic. It was pretty short notice as we only planned our trip to the Poconos a few days prior, and my gf arranged it all as a surprise for me.

...they thought of everything, from the location to the pop-up bubble tent with a mini heater, super cozy pillows, beautiful decor, a Bluetooth speaker, eloquent plates and treats, games to play and even took pictures and gave us a nice framed print out at the end.

...The whole experience was the most romantic thing that's ever been done for me and it was all because Genamarie and her business Picturesque Luxury Picnic was able to be to be spontaneous and accommodate all my gf's requests.

I'll definitely be using her service again down the road to return the romantic gesture.


Rick F. | bubble tent date picnic

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