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We do more than just picturesque picnic experiences - we do table styling, event styling and room styling! What's the difference? Check it out below!

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Standard Luxe Picnic

Our highly favored standard luxury picnic setup, with all the necessities of a successful celebration.

  • Indoor or outdoor

  • 2-18 guests

  • starting at $249


Deluxe Engagement Picnic

The renowned deluxe engagement experience comes with all standard inclusions plus enhancements like 'marry me' marquee letters, romantic details, professional photography and more.

  • Indoor or outdoor

  • 2-18 guests

  • starting at $579

IMG_9255 2.JPG

Self-Love Picnic for One

Our self-love picnic is a celebration of YOU, complete with joyful, self-reflective activities.

  • Indoor or outdoor

  • 1 guest only

  • starting at $99

IMG_2239 2.JPG

Bachelorette Picnic

The most popular bachelorette experience comes with all standard inclusions plus enhancements like custom name cards per guest, variety of games and more. Must be at least 6 guests.

  • Indoor or outdoor

  • 6-18 guests

  • starting at $469

Screen Shot 2024-01-05 at 22.15.43.png

Spa Day Picnic

Our spa day picnic experience is located indoors in our partner spa location. Your standard picnic will be accompanied by your choice of spa and wellness services like massages, salt cave, meditation and more. Subject to availability.

  • Indoor ONLY

  • 2-10 guests

  • starting at $449


Corporate Picnic

The corporate picnic is our exclusive experience perfect for employee appreciation, field days, team building and more at a discounted B2B price. Must be at least 8 guests.

  • Indoor or Outdoor

  • 8-18 guests

  • starting at $339


Bubble Tent Picnic

Our bubble tent picnic can be any of our picnic experiences, perfectly placed in a 12x12 foot bubble tent for added warmth and privacy. Perfect for all occasions and holidays during the cold weather months, especially Friendsgiving and Galentine's.

  • Outdoor ONLY

  • 1-6 guests

  • starting at $339


Indoor Picnic

As mentioned in the descriptions, most picnics are available indoors, which can be in your home, on a covered porch, rental home or in one of our indoor location options. Perfect for cold weather months and more privacy.

  • Indoor ONLY

  • 1-18 guests

  • starting at $249 (unless picnic for one)


Special Event Picnic

This special picnic would be a lovely addition to your ALREADY PLANNED (or planning) event, for example, if you are planning a company fundraiser, ticketed business event, etc. where we'd need to adhere to set themes or guidelines.

  • Indoor or outdoor

  • 2-18 guests

  • starting at $249

Screen Shot 2023-12-20 at 21.56.07.png

Table Styling

Table styling is decoration of your dining space, either at home or rental home, for meal-time parties (brunch, dinner, BBQ, etc.). Perfect for dinner parties, holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas and more.

  • Indoor or Outdoor

  • 2+ guests

  • starting at $199


Event Styling

Event Styling is decoration at an event space or venue, which can include table styling plus more to decorate the entire event space. Perfect for small-large company events.

  • Indoor or Outdoor

  • 2+ guests

  • starting at $199

romantic room styling.jpeg

Room Styling

Room styling is decoration of a room in a home, hotel or rental home for a romantic evening, including rose petals, balloons, candles and more. Perfect for Valentine's Day, Engagements, Anniversaries and Birthdays.

  • Indoor ONLY

  • 2+ guests

  • starting at $249

Enhancment Options

Enhancement Options


  • Live String Music (violins, etc.)

  • Professional Photography and/or Videography


  • Charcuterie Board

  • Veggie Crudité Board

  • Vegan Board

  • Individual Charcuterie Cups

  • Fresh Baked Cookies

  • Custom Baked Goods

  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries

  • Wawa Catering

  • Private Chef with Soirée

  • Special Request


  • Bubble Tent (w. or w.o space heater)

  • White Lace Tee-Pee

  • White Pop-Up Canopy Tent

  • Sun Umbrella

  • Custom Handwritten Name Cards

  • Natural Raffia Hand Fans

  • Rattan Lounge Chairs

  • Mylar Helium Balloons

  • Specialty Balloon Decor

  • Styled Floral Bouquets, Centerpieces, Floral Displays

  • Custom Welcome Sign

  • 1 ft. Light-Up Marquee Letters ("Marry Me" or I *heart* You"

  • 3 ft. Wood Block Letters & Numbers

  • Special Request



  • Jumbo Connect 4

  • Cornhole Yard Game

  • UNO Playing Cards

  • Jenga (Nat'l Park Edition)

  • Boozy Jenga (w. drinking prompts and 4 shot glasses)

  • Polaroid Camera Rental (w. 10 film shoots, more film upon request)

  • Paint Party Set-Up (up to 6 guests)

  • Special Request

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